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Hey There

Welcome to Ungru Artworks, where creativity and expression come to life. My passion for art has influenced my entire life, and I have dedicated my time to sharing this passion with others by becoming an art teacher. Each piece is unique, inspired by personal experiences, which continue to resonate with me, making each work of art truly special. As a child, I loved to create and draw, and my family always have and continue to support me.  Browse my collection and let my artwork inspire you like it has done for me.

About Me.

I have been passionate about working with students for many years which lead me to a career in education.  I have been teaching and working with students since the early 2000's.  Art was always something I enjoyed but didn't know my true potential until I was in college.  I started creating artworks and was so worried about my art being "perfect."  Since then, I have been trying to help my student develop a passion for art.

My logo style started when I was a substitute teacher and a classroom assignment where students had to create artworks using words.  From then on, I knew that this was a style I could create some new artworks.

Creating art with words is a one of the many skills I've honed over the years, perfecting the art of turning any message into a beautiful piece of artwork. My aim is to create a unique decoration that speaks to individual style and preferences. Be it for everyday decor, seasonal artwork, logos, amongst other creations, my artwork will have a unique and timeless design that you'll cherish for years to come.  Each year, I strive to create new artworks that inspires joy and happiness. 

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